Vintage Biscuits…..

I have been a bit under this weather the week…. or under a blanket really… My little girl has been snotty and unwell, and of course she has shared it around a bit… So I am sick and grumpy and as melancholy as self indulgence will allow….

“As ofttimes as it rains on my little spot of earth, you’d think I’d grow accustomed to the gloom.” 
― Richelle E. Goodrich

The gorgeous younglings are off with there mother this weekend, which is good for them as I can be grumpy when sick… but it is bad for me as without them my melancholia has no distraction… So if anyone needs me I will be hiding under a blanket… Emerging occasionally for for a pot of green tea and aspirin…. I had planned on taking a trip to see a movie or an art gallery, but wallowing is more likely…

I did buy a chair…. c1955 Sebel Fold-A-Bye Advertising chair for the Arnotts Biscuit company…. They who make the Tim Tam…. I could use a Tim Tam right now…


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