Day Tripper….

That confusing day of the week…. Monday sort of feels like my only day without the kids….. Sunday night doesn’t seem to count as my brain thinks they are here…. and Tuesday is spent looking forward to collecting them from school…. Consequently I spend monday trying to stop myself from thinking too much, last week I went on a opshop run looking for stock…. This week I went to the mountains to deliver the items I sold…. I am still running at about 70/30 selling to buying ratio at the moment, that’s 70% selling and 30% buying… So the progress is measurable, especially when a bigger item or two is sold….

I was woken up at 5am by a moody cat…. Not sure what she is moody about? but I have given trying to figure out any female, even the feline ones… A big cup of coffee and some staring at the sky waiting for a sunrise…. and a very lazy drive to the mountains with a Beatles soundtrack…. got to Katoomba to early to deliver the deliveries so coffee and sketching in the main street….


Deliveries made and chats chatted…. More driving….


The op shops are pretty much empty of anything worth the effort of buying and selling, and nothing that I would have in my own house…. Since I was already most of the way there I went to Westfields at Penrith…. Trying to buy art supplies, but the range was a bit limited, and since I may be near proper art shops next weekend I left buying only a small sketch pad…. and a large hot chocolate….



A wrong turn and I found myself in Windsor…. Nothing much at the op-shops there either… maybe I am op-shopped out?


Richmond for a pit stop and Red Bull…. Concentration was starting to drift…. By the way Richmond has the worst (overpriced) op-shop I have ever seen…. It rivals the op-shops in Sydney’s North Shore for prices, however the quality of what they have is rubbish… It is obviously run by an “expert”… A chipped west german vase, which I would be lucky to get $25 for to the right person was priced at $125…. Even in a Sydney retro store they would be pushing it to ask $60…. I don’t mind these charities making money, but the drive to make profit seems to have migrated from the collectables section, to the children’s shoes and clothing and regular furniture….



…and then the skies opened with big buckets of fat raindrops…. which seemed to fit with my mood at this point, so I headed for an old haunt in an attempt to really depress myself…. More coffee and pie…. its kind of being a bit leaving las vegas with food for the last six months… something I am aware of (and not just when I step on the scales)… but more about that later maybe?



I had my final meeting with my government-funded shrink last week… but I didn’t have a chance to process things till today…. I processed with pie….

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