How To Mess with your Kids 101…..

So glad I live a lazy life of luxury…. up at 6am making lunches and finding swimmers and colour matched shirts for school sports day… 20 min walk around block…. wake kids up… make breakfast… school run… Trip to the mountains to deliver items that I sold last week… hit every op-shop on the way there and back… do afternoon school-run…. Afternoon snack preparation… Sand old school cabinet…. Listen to 5 min speech from kids about how they are two exhausted to go to school tomorrow… flip coin to decided if they will be going school… heads they win… OK time to make it clear no school means TV and computers do not get used inside school hours (9-3)… and the ultimate threat, if I once during those hours hear the words “I’m bored” the punishment will be this!!!!!



Vintage 6000 piece Ministeck picture…. The look of horror on there faces was worth the $3 i spent on it today 😉 They may well call my bluff, and decided they want to do it…. but I wont really mind, cheap family fun that could take a whole weekend….  Now I have a fun evening of paying bills, cooking and taking pictures of things I need to sell…. oh and finish the digital version of my “artist” business card so I can upload it tomorrow….

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2 thoughts on “How To Mess with your Kids 101…..

  1. justjensblog says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that flips a coin and lets my kids stay home sometimes. 😀 Sometimes it’s great just for the break from the routine.

    • inkomplete says:

      🙂 it also helped that when I picked them up the just looked exhausted…… they just looked tired, and tired looking children is only ok if they have been having fun… not tired because they are hot and bored… home day!!!

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