A little slow out of the gate this morning….. Slept in and then had to rush to a doctors appointment….made the appointment with a minute to spare… I wasn’t in the mood to face town today, or at least not the town I live in… I really needed a drive, not sure whats up with me at the moment…. I am doing my best to say positive and focused, but it seems I have a lot of other peoples voices saying some pretty unpleasant things in my head… Which kind of sucks….

Anyway I drove, and listened to music a bit to loud and visited an op shop or two….


An old school house art cupboard, that required a bit effort to squeeze in the car (note to self – put roof-racks back on car)… But I wasn’t leaving it behind…. I also picked up some industrial castors for it, but it will need a bit of sanding and sealing… I dont want want lose all the paint but in needs to be taken back to a point where it is stable enough to seal…. Thats the tricky part, making it practical without loosing the character…


The crackled with age look, that people try to fake…. Probably be able to keep most of it, just need to be sure it wont be falling off on the floor of the room it ends up gracing….


A nice industrial school chair, cast iron frame stamped property on NSW education, the hammer finish silver is pretty boring…. may take the ply off and give it a spray….


A large custom made case, with a laminate on the top and bottom… not sure what it is for… or what to do with it… but it was $2…. I hit a few other stores and picked up a few other items… but my head isn’t in the game today, tomorrow I go back to the doctor for more prodding… what fun…

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4 thoughts on “Drive…..

  1. top finds! Really love the cabinet. Good luck with the docs X

  2. Rushing around today seems to be the blog theme-du-jour…. I wish I could find what you’ve found. I’d swim to the bottom of a Rotten Ronnie’s dumpster for those three items 😉 Love that your keeping the character of the cupboard, yet letting someone actually put something on it without worrying about catching cholera… lol. Btw, the case looks like a wicked bedroom end table to me… just a thought 🙂 Please show me/us (but mostly me) what you decide to do with it. LoL.

  3. inkomplete says:

    I think cholera is the least horrible thing on the cabinet 😉 I have given it a good scrub with a semi environmentally friendly cleaner… at least it had a picture of a polar bear on it and said eco, and since polar bear scrubbing is frowned upon I will assume it is a friendly detergent… I may need to scrub it again as the water in the bucket was rather black…. I am trying to break my suitcase habit… so I will call this case a box… I don’t have box rule yet…

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