The Importance of Being Davo or Trev….

Or anything but Earnest….. This evening I obviously committed some horrible local small town taboo, by taking my well dressed, well behaved 6 year old into a large liquor chain store to get a bottle of wine… I am assuming from the judgmental looks I received this isn’t the done thing…. I wonder if they are equally secretive about their drinking when they get home? …. Anyhow I ignored it…. because honestly being judged by the people of the self-righteous little burg is a thing that I am beyond over…. So I paid for my wine and we left…. In the car park I again ran into one of the particularly hatchet faced judge women from inside, getting back into her car… the car that help at least three children I could see… one teenager and two that cant have been over five…. Silly me…. You don’t take your children into the bottle-shop with you…. You leave them in car, in summer…. The rules of etiquette are a tricky thing to master here in Small Mind NSW…



At least the big pile of KISS brand beer made me laugh…. I am sure it will the Valentines gift of choice round these parts…. and there wont be a trace of irony included…..

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Being Davo or Trev….

  1. First of all – haha – KISS beer!! I’ve never seen that before but now need some to go with my Willy Nelson bourbon and George Clooney tequila (okay, not really). Second – I’ve had those looks in the liquor store before, too. Some liquor stores are posted “no one under 18”, although you have to be 21 to buy. We have a nice one in town, complete with olive bar, and I’ve taken my children in there before, receiving the same kind of “look”, which I ignore. It’s a nice establishment, not a strip bar, for pete’s sake. I agree with you – what do the other people do? Hide the fact that they’re drinking? To me, that seems like it could cause more problems down the road with children, rather than children seeing parents enjoying a responsible drink now and then.

    • inkomplete says:

      The world is a strange place… full of strange people…. and I found it funny that the women who judged me for buying one bottle of wine in front of my child was purchasing 2 cases of beer and few bottles of spirits… So maybe they understand the concept of responsible drinking 😉

  2. twistnpout says:

    And really? Kiss Beer?

  3. 1) I was picking up beer for hubby and was offered a sample. How she didn’t notice the beachball that had become my stomach I’ll never know. But pointing it out ended the puzzled look she gave me when I said no… (Wait. Do you think she just thought I was fat?!)

    and the coup de gras?

    2) Being 19 (legal age where I lived) and bringing my 18 year old friend in with me then having the clerk say primly, “Ma’am, your daughter looks to be almost of legal drinking age, I’m going to have to ask you not to bring her in next time. The law is very strict on that matter”


    That happened.

    But seriously? dude? Kiss beer? Respect. lol

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