I like your old stuff better….

Very very very unwell yesterday….. Spent most of yesterday, and the night sweating and in pain…. Not sure if it was a 24hour flu, or I had managed to poison myself? but I am feeling much better today…. Before the un-wellness I did manage to finish the drawing I was working on….



Trying to combine the new quick sketchy stuff with my older sit around for ages cross-hatching thing….. I am slowly getting the patience required back…

10 days without a cigarette, and another kilo down….but that could be due to being unwell…. haven’t even had any nicotine replacement stuff in the past day…. Starting to feel much clearer in the head… and the lungs… I was going to go out for a drive and take some photos today, but the weather is dreadful… So I might stay home and thin out the junk in my house….

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