One Day at a Time…..

Coffee….. because its better than starting the day with a glass of wine? Not really how I feel, but it is important to have a flippant response to some smartass telling you that you drink a lot of coffee…. and its better than the option of telling them to f*#k off, or that they dress and/or smell like a hobo… and no I am not in a bad mood… Just in a very good mood and trying to avoid the world noticing and coming to spoil it…

Kids seem to have settled into school again, other than a brief meltdown by my daughter when she found out she wasn’t in a class with her friends… She had already sent me packing by the time she discovered this…. but luckily my ex-girlfriend was there to give her hugs till she calmed down, she also helped her find a girl she did know so the tears were short-lived…. It is strange to live in a small world and an even smaller town… but I am grateful she was there to help…. I would thank her, but I know better than that…


Today actually went… School run…. house clean…. car load of rubbish to the tip…. coffee with friends….coffee by myself and a quick sketch…. back to house… more cleaning… car load to charity shop… afternoon school run… food shopping… dinner making… child amusing time…. bit more sketching…


…. and tomorrow I have more stuff to donate to charity, lots more stuff…. I would like to claim complete altruism…. but the object of the game is a clutter-free life and a cheaper moving cost…. but I have no problem with altruism having a selfish component, if there is a reward I am much more likely to become addicted to it…

and speaking of addictions… it is now Day 8 – analogue cigarette free…. and 3 Kilos lighter…. walking back up to 20 mins a day…. must remember to drink more water!….

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4 thoughts on “One Day at a Time…..

  1. sewexhausted says:

    I just started drinking coffee again after a 14 week hiatus… Life is so much better with coffee!! Drink up!

  2. I often will quit coffee just so I can start drinking it again. There is nothing better than the first cup after a month long hiatus.

  3. ocybress says:

    Those are some pretty awesome drawings.

  4. twistnpout says:

    Great “quick” sketch. i’m still struggling with my own”quick”sketches , drinking lots of coffee, smoking too much and not drinking enough water. Kudos to you!

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