How to Collect Butterflies…..

Same rules as collecting anything else…. Right place at the right time…. I kind of like them all stacked up like this… A nice little geometric sculpture….


The BKF chair was designed  in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1938. The partners of the group were Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy, so the chair was named “BKF” after them. Hans Knoll recognized its commercial potential and added it to the Knoll line in 1947.

The hairpin table next to the chairs was a pot plant holder, till I took the top off with an angle grinder and painted it black…. I am just looking for a nice round piece of timber to make it into a proper side table….


Maybe one day I will live like this?

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4 thoughts on “How to Collect Butterflies…..

  1. Wow – how lucky is that? They look pretty darn cool stacked up. Maybe you will get lucky and find a broken table that has a round glass top on it that will fit that table – very cool.

  2. justjensblog says:

    These are super awesomely cool! I am most jealous. If you sell any let me know. 😀

  3. reretro says:

    yes, one day you will live in design heaven, because you GET design. you understand the intrinsic design of a piece and you can fashion bits that suit the underlying structure. keep collecting and refashioning and redesigning. just keep at it.

    • inkomplete says:

      Thank you 🙂 I am hoping that one day I will live in design heaven… The inability to just open my wallet and fill the house is the only stumbling block… but it also the bit that makes me proud of the things I have…. I have to hunt and find and rebuild everything with small change…

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