Book Re-Boot….

A busy day…. most of my book notes are in order… and all of the writing is now on one file… not scattered across two computers and an iPad…. It was odd to read everything I had written in one go, and after so long away from it…. I found myself enjoying the story, and wanting to know what happened next…. Is that a weird thing to say about your own work?

It has definitely motivated me to get back to work on it…. I will try and set at least one hour aside a day for writing…. It is also motivating to look at some of the thumbnail sketches I did for the books…. I will refine them as I work on the story… but I took another quick run at one of the older pictures today…. It counts as drawing practice anyway…


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One thought on “Book Re-Boot….

  1. justjensblog says:

    love that hex key! can’t wait to read the book.

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