Substitute my Coke for Gin? In this case Substitute my cigarettes for electronic vapour delivery system…. Hmmm not quite the same… But I figure I have substituted my vinyl for an iPod… My notebooks for a iPad…. My ability to drive with ABS/TCS/ESC and all the other letters on my car….

I know electronic cigarettes are not good for you…. but I am not comparing them to jogging!!! I am comparing them to smoking…. and the advice to “just quit” will be met with the withering stare it deserves…. It is a step….

On other health matters, that although I have been stressed out and ill because of it, and on a short course of steroids to help with the being ill… I have still managed to lose 5kilos in the past 3weeks…. I have achieved this by following the annoyingly correct method of “eating less and moving more”….

In between visiting the doctor for more pills, and drinking skim milk Latte with no sugar in it, I started a sketch…. Which lead to an awkward moment….

The coffee shop where i tend to set and sketch is a public space, so occasionally I get people stopping to look at my pictures, some times they talk to me, on rare occasions they buy a picture… So I have gotten used to ignoring people unless they speak…. but today I felt like holes were being bored into the back of my head… I look up to see a nun watching me…. whoops… I just smiled and said Hi!… I mean really sacrilege is a relative thing… and technically my picture isn’t really that bad? I know plenty of nuns that smoke!!!


I am not sure I was pretty sure she was judging me… I thought there was a rule about that?…. It’s not like I set out to make it nun, the hair just started looking like a habit… and I have issues saying no, to a bad habit….

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