Let’s go into this Dark Room and See what Develops?…

Today I went for a drive…. It really is as simple as that, got up at stupid o’clock (5am)…. Threw some vintage suitcases in the car (to deliver, not use) and drove… Delivered suitcases and a vintage clothes hamper, did I mention the hamper? Well there was a hamper too, It’s not integral to the story, but it happened… I then stopped at a garage sale, as I do… and I bought this….



Cool! Right?… Very industrial…. That is real industrial of course, not bought from a chain store industrial… although it does have a chain… Sorry, not much sleep….. anyway it does this!!!!



I know!!! A hatch on the side that opens!!!! and I didn’t even pay extra for that…. and underneath (if you hang it)… or on the Front ( if you lay it down) it has 3 of these…







How totally cool is that to have 3 of those things on your bottom? (or side?)…. and don’t forget the thing that opens too….



So there we have it… The thing I bought at a garage sale today, while on my way too somewhere, after doing some things…. Right now I am off share a few pints of Guinness with thoughts of distant mates, and future travels on my mind… It has been a strange post, and a strange day….

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3 thoughts on “Let’s go into this Dark Room and See what Develops?…

  1. sewexhausted says:

    Very cool to have something that has all those grand features… but what IS it? 😉 -Very Curious

  2. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    that is a RADICAL find and i am very, very jealous!!!!

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