Vintage Typewriter Desk (DIY)….

Here’s one I prepared earlier in the day…. I have been felling a bit unwell for a couple of days, so I thought I would go stand outside in 40 degree heat and sand and paint… That was clever… Now feeling like I have been hit by a bus… But the vintage typewriter stand I got for $5 a while ago, is now useful again…


This is one of those deceptive jobs that looks simple, and them takes several hours…. It had been badly painted black at some stage, straight over the original grey with no sanding or primer, and left out in the rain to rust at some point…


So the sanding and rust treatment took longer than it should… The wheels didn’t come off without a fight, and the top is not as square as it looks… That was an issue because the piece of drafting board I had cut to fit, didn’t… So I had to sand it into shape… But I happy with the finished item… It sits well next to the drawing board…


I don’t think the typewriter stand would have had a timber top originally…. But the old drafting table board seems to match in with the drawing board cedar… I am going to be so upset when I run out of those vintage potable drafting table tops… I think I only have 4 Left!!!


The fold up wings make this a very handy item to have next to the drawing board… A great place for pens and pencils and even water colours while I work….. My little artist retreat is almost finished, the addition of the old LP holder (under the drawing board) to hold art pads and books was a last minute addition, but it has made me think that maybe the space behind could be used more efficiently? or even adding a shelf to the underneath of the typewriter table? But those are decisions for when I feel less drained…

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Typewriter Desk (DIY)….

  1. reretro says:

    love it -it’s fantastic. and so is the old phone and old camera…great for inspiration whilst drawing.

    • inkomplete says:

      Thanks 🙂 and the old phone is actually a very new phone… I have old phones but they tend to crash my internet…. This was a $130 phone that they were selling out for $20 at harvey norman… Very heavy and well made, but with modern features like redial etc…

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