The Escape Plan – Spirograph Style…

The escape plan is coming together, with an ever growing list of things that need to happen, in order to return to the mountains…. No item in my house is escaping scrutiny, I really do want to see a serious reduction in “stuff” and soon!!! Minimalism is addictive…. and my house, like myself required change from the inside out…. So I am boxing everything that doesn’t make me say “That is so awesomely cool to look at, I must keep it!!!”, and surprisingly not that much “stuff” is pleading for it’s life…

Also finally finishing bits of furniture I have been wanting to do something to for ages is helping…. One ideal piece finished means, the so-so items are easier to part with….  I don’t know if I will ever achieve a minimalist life, but the urge is there…

Hence todays coffee was a quick escape plan celebration…. With a little help from a 70s Spirograph…


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4 thoughts on “The Escape Plan – Spirograph Style…

  1. I haven’t thought of a spirograph in a long time. I had one and loved it, probably in the late 70’s. Yikes.

  2. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    i loved spirograph as a kid! and your drawing reminds me of the other hot air balloon you drew. i love them!

    • inkomplete says:

      Thanks… I am playing with the idea of incorporating the spirograpgh into a series of pictures…. But I really need to sit down and see what can be done as a patient “adult” rather than as a scribbling kid 😉

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