TARDIS Makeover….

Not so much de-cluttering like a boss, more like a Time-Lord….. Some things I need to have, but hate to look at, the tech required for internet access for example… spaghetti of wires and flashing lights on ugly boxes…. The solution is a TARDIS….


In this case a $25 dvd storage unit made of wood… I can get away with this in my house as I am a bit of nerd….


This was the issue… visual and psychical clutter… and a constant trip hazard to small children and cats…. But a quick removal of dvds and a few minutes with a hole saw (not a sonic one)..


…. and with the doors closed I no longer need to look at cables and flashing lights…. Only issue is finding a smaller power board that will fit inside, maybe one with power switches… as I run two wifi units… one for me and one for the kids, to allow me to cut their  internet access while leaving mine intact….

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6 thoughts on “TARDIS Makeover….

  1. Oh – this is so cool! At least from my daughter’s perspective. I’m going to try to pin this and then have my husband make it for her. Her birthday is coming up and this would be the perfect gift!

  2. I need that Tardis…. where did you get it? Or did you make it?

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