Back to the Drawing Board…

DIY as a metaphor, how clumsy of me…. This started life as a $10 beaten up drafting table… rusty metal legs and that green vinyl covering these all seem to have…. Several hours of sanding painting and waxing and it looks like this…


The hardest part was sanding back the old frame to get it to a point it would take paint… Several coats of black and a new set of rubber feet later it was look like this…


and the top was a piece of cedar… in good shape because it had been covered, but a bit to wide…


I trimmed 10cm of either end, and lots of wax… and then a old skirting rail across the bottom to hold pens and boards…. I think it came up rather well, and at a total investment of $23 with paint it is  not going to send me broke…. I have a old 40s 2 drawer file cabinet that will probably go well next to it, and hold all that arty stuff I need…. Maybe tomorrow if the weather dips below 40 I will start work on it….

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5 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board…

  1. reretro says:

    looks fantastic…worth all that effort. i spent many years drafting on just such a green vinyl clad board – this looks SO much better.

  2. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    looks great! like a nook that ought to inspire you to create.

  3. Believe it or not after seeing this, I just want to sell my kitchen table and buy a drawing board lol Pretty sure my husband would not approve of this.

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