A Load of Old Balls….

I am going to need to start taking my car on these morning walks…. Damn neighbours having garage sales, and damn their bargains… For the second saturday in a row my morning walk home has been an awkward balancing act…. and also more evidence that I can never have just one of anything…. a few months ago I found a vintage medicine ball…..



Today I found three more….. and some old trophies…. to go in the box of old trophies…. and by old I mean pre second world war…. I even have one for teacher of the year in the 1920s…. these are for tennis…

Photo2-61…1938 Night-time champ in fact…. I have to go back this afternoon to collect a vintage suitcase, an old tea-chest, a wooden cake delivery tray, a pair of 60s ashtray stands and the worlds most dangerous looking pencil sharpener…and all that with the $20 i keep in the back of my phone case for emergencies… I may have to readjust my definition of emergency I think….


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4 thoughts on “A Load of Old Balls….

  1. justjensblog says:

    Nice haul 😀

  2. Oh I love it! So happy someone else gets distracted by yard sales just like me!

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