As my insomnia worsens…. My thoughts turn to the causes…. Top of the list (aside from personal demons) is the cluttered bedroom I don’t sleep in…


Ok not quite that bad but you get the idea…. (my back shed when I first moved in, and got to the just chucking stuff in stage).

While I have been able to take the eclectic crowded look elsewhere in the house, it seems that it is not a peaceful place to spend your nights…. So at 4am in the morning when I had given up on returning to sleep, I decided it was time to go all calm and peaceful in the bedroom…. Out went the large black bed frame and side tables, and out went every vintage suitcase and Tibetan ceremonial dagger…

So several hours work in 40 degree heat, and I have a minimalist bedroom…. theres a word I don’t use often…


I have removed the 42″ TV…. and all technology, other than the ipad and and a speaker dock… I have also tried to limit myself to just one book at time on the new side tables… I am particularly happy with the side tables, much larger than their predecessors, and consequently things seem much less cramped on them… The bases are made from two vintage 60’s projector stands, very solid and very stable… bought a year apart in two different towns and totalling $6 for the pair… The tops are old portable drafting boards, that I got in a job lot of mapping supplies for $20… Sanded and waxed they came up beautifully….


The original Danish drafting lamp was $10 from a local thrift shop, and the old school map is one of a pair that I scored for free at the local tip shop….


The BFK chair is one of six I have at the moment… Depending where I bought them the price has ranged from $5 up to wallet draining $200…. The dead Warhol cushion was a gift from a friend and the vintage black leather ottoman was $10…

Much more relaxing without all the clutter, and it has made me want to continue the idea in the rest of the house…. Today I will continue with the dinning room, though it no longer has a dining table so I will need to find another name for it…

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2 thoughts on “Sanctuary….

  1. justjensblog says:

    Maybe I should try this minimalism thing. Maybe it will help my insomnia too. Great idea and bedroom looks fab. 🙂

    • inkomplete says:

      It has made such a difference to my nights… and I find I am getting more done in the day because of it…. I maybe become one of those born again hoarders that bores people to death about the joys of de-cluttering 😉

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