It’s not all Hearts and Flowers….

Hmmmm except it isn’t…. Not sure what is wrong with me at the moment, I would like to put it down to general malaise (add quick salute here)…. and it probably is, as I am just feeling worn down by life and those in it… Expectations I can’t meet, Needs and wants I can never fulfil and goals without a plan…. I don’t want this to sound like I am looking for a sturdy light fitting to swing my noose from, because as worn down as I am feeling i am also quite positive about the future… Maybe I am just in the fog of knowing what I don’t want, having a vague idea of what I need and the frustration of trying to find a path between the two….

Emotionally I am feeling a bit raw… or chewed… or used up…. Thats what comes of not knowing what you want I guess….

I am trying to make a list of pro’s and cons for my options next year…. One option is mostly pro… the other option is mostly cons (for me anyway)… It is a very scientific way of making decisions, Hypothesis based anyway… The problem with that of course is you are only really looking for evidence to support your initial idea…. and reasons to reject the thing you don’t want…. I will end up doing the thing I want anyway, but at least it will seem like I thought it through…


My mother took the kids swimming today, giving me my first real chance to relax and clear my head…. based on the pictures I drew, I need to clear my head a hell of a lot better…

Hearts and Flowers

So I will get back to clearing my house of distracting (and toe stubbing) clutter…. I am turning the old dining room into a proper workspace, which I am sure will be the subject of a future blog….

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2 thoughts on “It’s not all Hearts and Flowers….

  1. twistnpout says:

    I love this, but sorry for your frustrations. I have been going through something similar myself for the past few months. Fantastic drawings!

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