2013 – Pushing….

My life is screaming out for change… Normaly this would involve packing up everything and moving somewhere new in the hope that it would magically solve everything… Experience has told me this doesnt work…. I am going to try a plan B (or in this place a plan r?)…

I am not so much going to write a set of intractible new years resolutions, but instead some goals that will help me establish a long term plan… I am going to sign one more 12 month lease on the place I am living, that will give me time to downsize… I have come to relize I really dont enjoy living in the town I am in… It doesnt agree with me and I wont fold to agree with it…

So goal number one – Get house, finaces and skills ready for a relocation next year… There are certain obsticals that need to be sorted to reach that goal…

Number 1 – Selling my overwhelming stock of vintage gear is difficult from a country town.. You can blame this on lack of disposable income, or lack of style… or both…

Number 2 – The ex-wife… She is either fond of this town, or fond of her job in this town… but in reality the kids spend most of their time with me, so hopefully I can negotiate an acceptable compromise that works for all…

Number 3 – Artist or purveyor of Vintage Wares? In the book of available careers those are pretty much my options…

Number 4 – Where to move? To fall within the hour or so drive mark returning to the mountains would seem to be the easiest option… I was genuinely happy there a lot of the time… Even during the horrible bits… But once again that will require negation, there should be a warning about that before you breed with someone…. You are tethered to a person who no longer likes you by children….

That seems to be a few of the major things, other than the whole lose weight and get all self-aware…. but more of that later…

I am also going to push myself with the art thing…. Less of the pens and pencils… and more of the paint, computer, sewing machine etc…. basically I am going to attempt and immerse myself in that whole creative life thing…. So at least 2 hours day of something creative… that can be anything from drawing a picture, to baking a cake….

Today it was a painting day, rather than a cake baking day…..

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8 thoughts on “2013 – Pushing….

  1. justjensblog says:

    I am also immersing myself in the whole creative life thing so you are not alone my friend. 🙂 Good luck.

  2. Good luck to you!! (raises glass) here’s to a productive 2013 🙂

  3. Ooooh! me too!

    In for the fancy artsy-type hat AND the creative immersion. Ahhhh yeahhh…..

    • inkomplete says:

      …without the hat no one will believe you are a proper artist 😉

      • That is soooo true! I am now on a mission to be taken as a serious (albeit nerdy) artsy-type… must… find…. beret!

        Wait! I find your information seriously lacking in details! What colour? is it embellished? does it have to have paint splatters and is a messy white coat also necessary? Do I have to have artistic talent or can I ride on the coat tails of my hat?!? I have questions, man! lol

      • inkomplete says:

        The hat should draw attention away from artwork… In my case I am considering a large top hat and possibly a monocle to distract people from close scrutiny of my pictures…. I feel a german top hat might give me some kind of dark Bauhaus vibe, that will attract hipsters… albeit in an ironic way….

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