It makes a change from Vintage Suitcases….

Pretty much got the handbrakes on with buying stuff at the moment… A huge change and clean-out is coming, BUT (there is always a but) somethings you cant say no too…. In the case of the first item it really wasnt my fault, I was looking for shorts for my son, but they had a bin of free toys out the front of the op-shop….. and there was the tin you see….



Metal Britons toys in an old tin…. I am sure you see that was not really my fault?

The only other purchase of the week is the one that I referred to in the title, not vintage suitcases….

Vintage Trunks


Vintage metal trunks… $7 for the bigger on, $3 for the slightly less bigger one…. I am claiming they are not in-fact adding to the clutter, as clutter can be placed inside them…. That is my storey and I am sticking to it….

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One thought on “It makes a change from Vintage Suitcases….

  1. Those suitcases are to die for! What great finds. I agree with you about needing and wanting a break from spending, but some pieces are too good to pass up!!! 🙂

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