Maybe I should ease up on the Aftershave…

Maybe I should ease up on the Aftershave…This time tomorrow I will be a gay divorcee…. Well my wife will be
my ex-wife, and I will be able to tick the divorced box on future
paperwork…. In reality that maybe the major change, in the eyes of
official paperwork I will belong in the divorced box, not the single,
married or separated boxes…. and unless she accepts the cup of
coffee with rat poison in it before the court hearing tomorrow I can’t
tick widow (JOKE!!!!)…. in case there are any police officers

I decided against attending the hearing because –

  • I couldn’t get a date on short notice…
  • If I have to spend a day in Sydney, I would prefer to spend it shopping…
  • There is a poetic irony in letting the ex do it without me….
  • I think my time will be better spent getting a haircut from a busty


  • I am expecting my mail order bride to arrive soon and need to be home

to sign for her…

and the main reason –

  • I really can’t be arsed…
I did have a nice coffee and did a bit of sketching….. I may do the same tomorrow….
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2 thoughts on “Maybe I should ease up on the Aftershave…

  1. sewexhausted says:

    Isn’t it nice to know that next year is a blank page- unwritten- 🙂 (Someone told me that a few weeks ago and I still remind myself everyday) Here’s to good things coming your way from here on out- and LOVELY picture btw! -L

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