I have a Hide…..

Quick Op-Shop run today…. I arrived 30 seconds to late to snag a big furry animal hide…. The guy was wandering around the shop with it taunting me…. He then decided he was going to haggle with the staff at the store, not really the done thing in a charity shop… I only ever haggle with the boss, on unpriced items, never with the staff, so this guy was on my Karma won’t care list…. So I told the staff member quietly they should have at least $40 on the hide…. rather than the $5-10 they normally charge for rugs…. Guy gets huffy and leaves…. and guess what comes home with me…. Not sure but I think it may be albino wookie 😉



Continuing on the theme of buying things that in theory weren’t available, is the next purchase… They had it on its end and were about to start stacking CD’s in it….. But a quick chat and $20 later I was folding down the seats of the car….




At over 2 meters long, these old letter sorting pigeon holes are going to be tricky to work into a house…. They probably belong in a shop, so maybe I should get a shop to put them in? theres a thought….

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