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Seize the Day….

While things have been a bit quiet on the blog front, behind the scenes has been going at break neck pace…. Lots of finishing things up for the dreadful 2012 and gearing up for an amazing 2013…. Big and Big changes are afoot with INKOMPLETE at the moment, so stay tuned for some news about our new venture/s…


….and yet more…..

Insert scream of frustration here…. not really but it is hard to sort and clean a house when people throw bargains at you….



Ammo crates and old trunks are in plentiful supply this week it seems?



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It makes a change from Vintage Suitcases….

Pretty much got the handbrakes on with buying stuff at the moment… A huge change and clean-out is coming, BUT (there is always a but) somethings you cant say no too…. In the case of the first item it really wasnt my fault, I was looking for shorts for my son, but they had a bin of free toys out the front of the op-shop….. and there was the tin you see….



Metal Britons toys in an old tin…. I am sure you see that was not really my fault?

The only other purchase of the week is the one that I referred to in the title, not vintage suitcases….

Vintage Trunks


Vintage metal trunks… $7 for the bigger on, $3 for the slightly less bigger one…. I am claiming they are not in-fact adding to the clutter, as clutter can be placed inside them…. That is my storey and I am sticking to it….

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Hands up everyone who got divorced today…. Twenty years ended with a whimper… oh well… I’ll be fine…. and at least by getting divorced on 12-12-12 I will always remember the anniversary 😉



In celebration of the day I drew this picture… and drank that coffee… and had a piece of cheese cake (not shown)…. It seemed like a good theme for the day, and the cake was good…..

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Maybe I should ease up on the Aftershave…

Maybe I should ease up on the Aftershave…This time tomorrow I will be a gay divorcee…. Well my wife will be
my ex-wife, and I will be able to tick the divorced box on future
paperwork…. In reality that maybe the major change, in the eyes of
official paperwork I will belong in the divorced box, not the single,
married or separated boxes…. and unless she accepts the cup of
coffee with rat poison in it before the court hearing tomorrow I can’t
tick widow (JOKE!!!!)…. in case there are any police officers

I decided against attending the hearing because –

  • I couldn’t get a date on short notice…
  • If I have to spend a day in Sydney, I would prefer to spend it shopping…
  • There is a poetic irony in letting the ex do it without me….
  • I think my time will be better spent getting a haircut from a busty


  • I am expecting my mail order bride to arrive soon and need to be home

to sign for her…

and the main reason –

  • I really can’t be arsed…
I did have a nice coffee and did a bit of sketching….. I may do the same tomorrow….
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