DUDE!….Where’s my Xmas Tree?….

I know it’s not unusual to be in a bit of a flat-out muddle leading up to Xmas…. at least not for me… Back to back markets this weekend is trying to be my main focus this week, there are far more important things that should be my focus, but the markets will clear some space and restock my empty wallet… Which with Xmas on the way would be good, especially since my idea of a traditional Victorian Yule, where everyone receiving a nice juicy orange as a gift has gone down like a Led Zeppelin (…concert in Amish Pennsylvania)…. So in between putting price tags on things and putting them in a mountain folk pile and a people from Bathurst pile, I have been escaping to the coffee shop to sketch and drink black coffee…







While sitting at the coffee shop I often dream that someone will come to my warehouse with a truck and a cheque, and take all the collectables, retro, vintage stuff out of my life… So I can have my studio back and spend my days drawing the silly little pictures that make me happy….

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