The One Ring…..

I need to go to Sydney tomorrow, because professional people like to make appointments in big cities, so us poor peasants from the country know how important and professional the person they need is (small rant)…. So while I am there I will be taking a few items to my friendly gold dealer…. Since I signed my divorce papers last week it seems like a good time to embrace the Tabula Rasa thing and get get my John Locke on, not the one from LOST…. But his namesake, who was an English philosopher, Locke proposes an “empty” mind, a tabula rasa, which is shaped by experience…..

… So while I may not be able to achieve that mentally, I can at least attempt to achieve it with possessions that tie me to the past… In this case my wedding band, it should hold some greater significance for me than it does… It holds no love or anger, just the past… Maybe the lack of sentiment good or bad is the perfect reason to dispose of it… it requires no metaphorical journey to a volcano, throwing it into the flames while not vanquish the darkness and save hobbits…. It’s removal will not make me a more well rounded individual, but it is another step on that journey of ten thousand steps….

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4 thoughts on “The One Ring…..

  1. justjensblog says:

    It may not require it but… would be fun to throw it into a volcano. 😉

  2. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    sounds like you don’t need me to wish you courage. but, you never know. you may need it after all. may the force be with you. oh wait, different trilogy (yes, trilogy). peace be with you.

  3. Melt it into something new.

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