Mixed Bag Monday….

I never know what I will find, but today is eclectic even by my standards… A bit of art glass and a pair of Deco bookend made from Mulga, with the little boomerang, map of Australia and crown mark….


A transistor radio, actually a 6 transistor radio in this case, Sanyo…. Orange and looks like it has never been used….


…and maybe because I was hungry…. A nordic Belgium Waffle Maker…. They still make these, but they no longer have the cool little temperature gauge in them….


and what day of op-shopping would be complete without a boot load of dead animals… well most days would be, but today we have horns….





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3 thoughts on “Mixed Bag Monday….

  1. reretro says:

    op shops selling mounted horns! what next? but, love the art glass, the mulga bookends and the transistor. all great. but – seriously – will you do with those mounted horns? pray tell.

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