Pit Stop Picking…

Or some other play on words…. Today was the annual Bathurst Giant Garage Sale… Held in the race pits of Mt Panorama, it is a musk pick event…. With 80+ stalls of junk to sort through it is a hectic morning, but I never come away empty handed… This year wasn’t as car filling as the last few, and that is probably a good thing.

I was so sensible that I left quite a bit of stuff behind… but some things I cant say no too…. especially if they are cheap… This lot was $10…

A DS-lite in perfect condition with 2 games, a gameboy colour, and a copy of Digimon World 2003 for the PS1…. The Digimon Game will more than cover the cost of the rest 😉

A pile of glomesh and oroton bags… all from different stalls but all $1 each….

An old school paper guillotine…. Hours of finger endangering fun… It cost me $5, and I have been looking for one for ages…. This one goes to the studio…..

Also for the studio a very crusty wrought iron door bell… For 50 cents it was a must have, and it jingles in a very pleasing way…..

And the rest…. old school case $1… 2 teak folding tables $5 the pair…. and everything on the table , the Genie bottle, red glass jar, Stereoscopic viewer, pocket watch and plane came to $25… Not bad for a days work, but now I have to clean it all up and get it ready for the markets next month…. but I may have a coffee first…

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4 thoughts on “Pit Stop Picking…

  1. urban rustic says:

    Score! I’d kill for that guillotine, seriously. Could totally use that. Sounds like a good reason to go to Bathurst. Shame its not the same time as that big car race and both adults in my family would be happy. Country markets are such good value. Where are you doing yours? I need to get off my backside and do one eventually too.

  2. ARGH! The guillotine! Love that and they’re so hard to find. And that bell! .50 cents!! That’s a great little find.

  3. The genie bottle and the red cannister behind are both gorgeous!!

  4. Claire C says:

    I love those bags. If I’d found them I’d be well chuffed. Well done on such a great bunch of finds!

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