Friday Thrift….

A day of doing not much…. I meant to do something…. honest… but it turned into one of those days where I run all over the place, bumping into people and chatting away till the day is gone…. Op-Shopping with selling stuff in mind at the moment, but I found a file cabinet that I need to put files in…. I have needed one for a while, but cant bring myself to use a metal one and wooden ones are always to pricey… well till today they were….

1940/50s government issue file cab in great solid condition with original hardware and key… It has that horrid orange colour that all this government stuff had, but I find that a light sand to remove the varnish and some wax and furniture polish brings them up a treat… $10 and a pulled muscle in my back from getting in the back of the car… Bargain…

The other score of the day is something I have had my eye on for a while, It was overpriced, but a new manager at the op-shop and it got a lot cheaper…. It needs a bit of restoration… but I think that selling this pre-xmas at Leura markets is going to work…

Vintage sign from Leura railway station… Solid brass letters hardwood back…. The previous owner rather cleverly put the letters on the wrong side when they had a go at restoring it, also they didn’t have the worlds straightest eye for putting the letters on…. a bit of work and this should go a long way to paying for my other purchase today…. but more on that later….

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3 thoughts on “Friday Thrift….

  1. When is the Leura market being held? I think I’m near there – I might be able to go. 🙂

  2. sewexhausted says:

    Hmmm… I need a file cabinet. I enjoy buying from “thrift” stores. I redid my daughters entire room with thrift store furniture, sand paper, fabric and paint!

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