Vintage Film Poster DIY….

I bought a large old movie poster (1955) a while ago, for $20… I was quoted prices between $300 – 600 to frame it….  I like the poster but I don’t have that kind of money to spend on framing at the moment… and they also where not sure how it would hold up to mounting, as it was pretty worn…  I found a frame for ikea for $59, well I found a friend who was going to ikea and got them to get it for me… $10 for spray adhesive… and a lot of patience…

After watching a few you tube videos, on fixing tears with rolling papers. and how to iron the flimsy paper safely… I just went for it…. I am sure it is the kind of thing that horrifies people that do this for a living, but I just took it very slowly and carefully used the spray adhesive and a lint free cloth to smooth it out as I went…. Its not perfect… but I am pretty happy with it…

Now of course I need to redo the mantle piece to go with poster…. But I think it is a permanent and welcome addition to the house….

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4 thoughts on “Vintage Film Poster DIY….

  1. xleelo says:

    Great idea! 🙂

  2. reretro says:

    well done – the framing looks great. and it looks great over the mantel- proportion is good and colours seem sympatico.

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