Op-Shop Tuesday was made of Wood….

The theme of today was wood…. not deliberately of course…. I decided it was a good idea to check the op-shops, as I have back to back market stalls coming up… Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of December, pre-xmas markets always seem to be a good way to make some quick cash for xmas… A lot of the smaller vintage items I have make great gifts, so a dual market where I didn’t have to unpack the car in-between seems like a good idea… Maybe xmas wont be cancelled after all…

First piece of wood I found was this old box for $1…. Nice and crusty with original paint on the inside, just needs a wipe down and some oil to make it sale ready….

Un-helpfully painted with cheap enamel paint is this industrial stool/step-ladder… I am hoping that a heat gun will strip the enamel paint off the wood steps, and leave the worn red paint below intact…. It seems they didn’t do any prep work so I may be lucky… The metal frame may need stripping back with paint stripper, since The enamel seems to have gone over the original bare metal a bit to well… I probably shouldn’t complain, it was $2 and if they previous owner hadn’t messed it about someone probably would have noticed this industrial treasure before me….

A pair of bedside tables for $10… I could probably get away with oiling them and buffing the metal inserts…. If I decide to use them in my own house as sofa end tables that is what I will do, they will fit in with my gypsy Boho vibe…. however I am sure I could give them a quick shabby chic (Blurrg!!!) with some lime based paint and sell them on super fast….

And finally for $2 a hand made wooden bible, with a secret slide out compartment… Maybe for rosary beads or a quick tipple? I will probably age this up a bit and paint the spine to make it more convincing, maybe fit a vial of holy water to the inside, a bedside vampire kit maybe?

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One thought on “Op-Shop Tuesday was made of Wood….

  1. justjensblog says:

    Love that box! Jealous 🙂

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