Vintage Industrial Lighting – New in the Box….

I love new old stock (NOS)…. I do dream of finding a crate load of rare or cool industrial fittings, and I mean it is something that appears in dreams that leave me disappointed when I wake up… But occasionally in real life I get a small taste of it….

Made by ELECO LTD. A lighting company that probably supplied a lot of the street lamps in your area, if you area is the UK and built in the 1070’s or earlier… Still in its original box and wax paper with original price of $8 (which I assume was its 1970s retail)…. It cost me $2….

If I had found a warehouse full of them I would selling them, but since I found one I think I will keep it… I have just the place for it, a place that only exists in my mind at the moment… I do want to have a studio separate studio out the back of my house, and the idea of having this as the outside light, next to the door and hanging over my business sign, really appeals…. Maybe I will use the cogs too…

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One thought on “Vintage Industrial Lighting – New in the Box….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    very sweet lamp! love that it came in its original box, too.

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