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Blessed be the hipsters, and their ironic need to listen to vinyl…. They have raised the turntable from the dead, and made it affordable to buy replacement parts like styluses and belts again… So once again my record collection can annoy the neighbours…


and not only does classic rock live on…. But now I can wander into a store and buy a new album on LP… recently I bought the new Mumford and Sons album for the same price as the CD, it also came with a very practical Digital Download voucher… So I can have the album on the iPod for convenance and on vinyl for the pure enjoyment of listening to an album while reading the record sleeve and seeing who wrote and played what, and what that mumbled word actual is by reading along with the song words…. That is an experience that CD’s always seem to lack…

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DUDE!….Where’s my Xmas Tree?….

I know it’s not unusual to be in a bit of a flat-out muddle leading up to Xmas…. at least not for me… Back to back markets this weekend is trying to be my main focus this week, there are far more important things that should be my focus, but the markets will clear some space and restock my empty wallet… Which with Xmas on the way would be good, especially since my idea of a traditional Victorian Yule, where everyone receiving a nice juicy orange as a gift has gone down like a Led Zeppelin (…concert in Amish Pennsylvania)…. So in between putting price tags on things and putting them in a mountain folk pile and a people from Bathurst pile, I have been escaping to the coffee shop to sketch and drink black coffee…







While sitting at the coffee shop I often dream that someone will come to my warehouse with a truck and a cheque, and take all the collectables, retro, vintage stuff out of my life… So I can have my studio back and spend my days drawing the silly little pictures that make me happy….

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The One Ring…..

I need to go to Sydney tomorrow, because professional people like to make appointments in big cities, so us poor peasants from the country know how important and professional the person they need is (small rant)…. So while I am there I will be taking a few items to my friendly gold dealer…. Since I signed my divorce papers last week it seems like a good time to embrace the Tabula Rasa thing and get get my John Locke on, not the one from LOST…. But his namesake, who was an English philosopher, Locke proposes an “empty” mind, a tabula rasa, which is shaped by experience…..

… So while I may not be able to achieve that mentally, I can at least attempt to achieve it with possessions that tie me to the past… In this case my wedding band, it should hold some greater significance for me than it does… It holds no love or anger, just the past… Maybe the lack of sentiment good or bad is the perfect reason to dispose of it… it requires no metaphorical journey to a volcano, throwing it into the flames while not vanquish the darkness and save hobbits…. It’s removal will not make me a more well rounded individual, but it is another step on that journey of ten thousand steps….

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Mixed Bag Monday….

I never know what I will find, but today is eclectic even by my standards… A bit of art glass and a pair of Deco bookend made from Mulga, with the little boomerang, map of Australia and crown mark….


A transistor radio, actually a 6 transistor radio in this case, Sanyo…. Orange and looks like it has never been used….


…and maybe because I was hungry…. A nordic Belgium Waffle Maker…. They still make these, but they no longer have the cool little temperature gauge in them….


and what day of op-shopping would be complete without a boot load of dead animals… well most days would be, but today we have horns….





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Everyday I’m Shuffling….

Shuffling stuff around the house, ever decreasing circles till things reach liveable…. or I reach a level of stuff in my house being so refined into groups it becomes pure stuff with a very high street value… Yes it is raining today, and I am going a bit stir crazy, but also sorting magazines makes you goofy…. The more magazines, the more goofy you get… So I am pretty goofy…

The plan is to have a super organised, happy and relaxed house by Xmas…. The Xmas that must be closing in quickly if the carols in the shopping centre are right…. So I will get back to organising, after I read another magazine, of course….

… and then I shall continue the never-ending task of turning my cluttered house into something that look deceptively organised…..

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