Another Day, Another Discworld….

My living within my means announcement, which  I had planned for today, is cancelled… In fact it was, going to be the start of my next 21 Day challenge…. I was going through paying some bills, some in advance even… Getting far enough in front to go on a living on the bare minimum and knitting my own sandals kind of thing… When I got a call from one of my op-friends “Do you still want me to keep an eye out for Terry Pratchett books?” he said…. and yes of course I do, so I said “Yes”… as I have a few already… well a lot (these are two deep)…

That’s the real problem, I have almost the full set in 1st edition hardcover…. and I refuse to buy them from eBay for two reasons… 1. It spoils the thrill of collecting them… 2. The only books I have left to get are very very expensive… So I have people keep an eye out for Hardcover books for me, and because I am not going to make them try to remember which ones I need, I end up taking them all whenever they call… So my budgeting was blown out by paying $30 for books I already have….

It is not really a huge problem, Terry Pratchett novels are not exactly hard to sell, in fact they are very easy to sell… It has just been a while since a book I don’t already have has showed up…. Thats why today I was happy just to get a copy of THUD with a different cover….

I am in danger of collecting variants if this keeps up…. I got momentarily excited by the Rincewind omnibus, but when I checked I already had a copy…. Maybe the next call will be the one….

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4 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Discworld….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    there’s always tomorrow 🙂

    • inkomplete says:

      Today the same thing happened, but different… Need a coffee before I can open the mystery box and blog about it 😉

      • ScrapAndSalvage says:

        i guess the phrase “there’s always tomorrow” applies everyday. and when there is no more tomorrow, we won’t even think about it, so, you’re golden! 😉 happy coffee as i finish my last glass of wine before bedtime…

      • inkomplete says:

        Sleep well… you will just have to read about my box of old, strange, leather harnesses when you wake up… I may even work out what they are by then 😉

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