More Cases than Sherlock Holmes….

My head is not in the game at the moment…. Lets be kind, and say I may be appear a bit vague to those around me…. I left class this morning to go do research in the library, I got a bit lost and ended up op-shopping on the way home for lunch… It seems op-shopping requires no real concentration… $10 price tags usually make me think twice, as I am a bit cheap… The case seemed solid….

I assumed it was an empty case, probably from a sewing machine…. When I went to pick it up I discovered I was half right… The sewing machine part, not the empty part….

Seems Husqvarna made sewing machines in addition to chainsaws…. Cast metal and with a cool green metal finish, it weighs a lot and is complete… That and the tartan interior of the case meant I had to grab it….

Plugged in and it all spins and whirrs….. I haven’t run any fabric yet…. but it seems pretty smooth and bullet proof…. I may even read the instructions, if they in a language I can read….

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2 thoughts on “More Cases than Sherlock Holmes….

  1. martng says:

    Yeah, that’s the same one I have! Yours is a bit nicer though. It’s definitely worth more than 10$… similar ones have sold for close to 200$ on Ebay.

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