Dark Crystal Day….

A quick trip out for some milk…. and a visit to the 2nd hand book shop…. I usually pop in every month or so to check for the 3 remaining Terry Pratchett hardcovers I need to complete my collection, but I also have a quick look in the art and movie sections…. Today I found a book I have been chasing for quite a while, well chasing in the wild since I am unwilling to pay $100+ for it on eBay… and there it was for $5….

The World of The Dark Crystal by Brian Froud….. Large format first edition with so many amazing original Froud designs in it…. I probably would have paid $100+ for it if I had ever seen it in the real world….

Nice big pictures of all the charters and all the celtic style designs that give the film its unique look… The close ups of the various designs is also something that you cant really get just from still from the film….

…and the opaque sheets that contain insignia and layers of designs is a nice touch….

So I am very glad I popped out for milk for my coffee….. I now have a coffee and a book to read… a book I shall add to my shelf of treasured art books….

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