or I could do this……

I am meant to be doing a list of things at the moment…. Study, housecleaning, writing a book, weeding the garden and many other things…. So of course I am doing something that could have waited…. I have just spent an hour lightly scrubbing and then waxing an old wooden desktop file drawer….

The large murano vase is not for show, it is holding down the veneer I just glued back on…. It only occurred to me when I was taking the photo, that most people don’t use 60s art glass because they couldn’t find a brick…. I forgot to take a before picture of the file box, possibly because I was not actually going to do anything,  except take a look at it… it has been sitting around for a few months, it was dirty and the wood was dry and cracking… and it had a $5 sticker on it at a garage sale, in a cheeky mood i said $2… she said yes… So it is now waxed and buffed and all solid again, it has felt pads underneath I put candle wax on the runners to make the draw slide smoothly… Right now I should get back to things on the list, but instead I will probably make a vintage label to go in the display section of the copper pull….

After that I might do something that actually needs to be done…. or I could take a nap…..

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3 thoughts on “or I could do this……

  1. justjensblog says:

    love that drawer. Looks great.

  2. reretro says:

    know where you are coming from…but you have rescued a beautiful timber piece. lovely!

  3. EJ says:

    Great piece at a great price! What is it about cleaning and feeding wood that’s so pleasant? One of my favorite things to do, periodically, is to clean and oil the wooden spoons and utensils I cook with.

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