A Fuzzy Pink Seat and Crusty Old Balls….

It was a struggle to get to art class today, really haven’t been feeling “it” since getting back from holidays… When I was learning new skills it was fun, but it has become very focused on producing a finished piece within the accepted criteria… In other words rules… rules and I have an understanding… I obey the ones that wont get me arrested and they leave me alone on the rest of the responsible adult front… So not being able to face another day of life drawing class, with the same elderly male model as last time, I have bailed for day… I mean he wasn’t that interesting to draw the first time, so the thought of the last two hours of repeating a task that didn’t interest me the first time, won… I cleared my head with a quick circuit of the op shops on the way home….

A couple of bits of west german pottery, the large one isn’t marked, but the colour was bright yellow, and that seems to be the direction my house is going in for spring/summer this year… Another gennie bottle (no stopper), and two Austrailian made Kaisur Stohl 70s wine goblets… All from the one shop and totalled $9… I didnt bother asking what each was priced at…

At the next store I had to pay $10 for this solid leather case… It is almost too perfectly worn…. It is solid and clean but rubbed from years of use, possibly one of the nicest cases I have seen… It was obviously a bowls case… I used all my powers of deduction, and knowledge of vintage items to decide this…. that and there was a bit of clue when I opened it…

Last shop and now in desperate need of a coffee and bathroom, though not in that order…. So I may not have been paying the attention I should, but even in my compromised state I did manage to get $5 out of my pocket for this…

Not to everyones taste, but when you see one in perfect condition with the original plastic cover protecting the shaggy lilac fur, you can’t say no….I just have to sell it before my daughter sees it… otherwise it will be whisked away to the pink explosion that is my daughters room.

So I am home now with a full coffee cup and empty bladder, and those two things sound bad together… I have dinner to cook and children to collect soon… and that seems like more fun than doing assignments that require me to colour inside the lines

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5 thoughts on “A Fuzzy Pink Seat and Crusty Old Balls….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    that’s some great pottery (love the yellow one) and that must be suitcase 427. now that’s a lot of baggage! 😉

  2. Such cool stuff. Bravo!

  3. Tracy Greene says:

    You seem to have so much fun thrift shopping – I wish I had a basement or garage for stuff like this!

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