Where is Sibella Court?

It’s a game I play whenever I get a new home magazine at the moment…. It is a bit like where’s Wally, but uses the books of Sibella Court instead. If you don’t know who she is go read THIS ….The game has rules of course, but the basic idea is to find where the stylist has dropped a copy of one of Sibella’s 3 books in the photo spread….

Sometimes it is easy, and they just pop it one on a shelf, sometimes it will be under a lamp or even open…. that is why I have introduced a points system…

The rules –

  • Any book = 1 Point
  • Two Books in the one Photo = 3 Points
  • Three Books in the one Photo = 10 Points
  • The same book in different locations in the same house = 20 points, for spotting the lazy stylist
  • An open copy = 20 points, but must be confirmed by referring to the original book page, and is only worth 2 points if the cover or spine is visible.
  • In a kitchen with cookbooks = 20 points, lazy stylist again, I will also except in the room of any child obviously under 10 for the same points.

I am sure more rules will occur, already noticing an increasing number of copies of Abigail Ahern’s a girls guide to decorating sneaking into some of the decorator mags, so there may need to be a bonus round for tie breaks?

Actually I think a girls guid to decoration should be worth a lot more points… as it does not come with a lovely brown wrapper and visually appealing type on the cover…. Hmm i wonder if the inventor of where’s Wally had to deal with these problems?

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