Stirred not Shaken…

Hey look, its a one of “those days” blog post… Woke up to find my blog (and twitter) had been hacked, I guess I should be grateful they only posted a spam ads about making $$$ and nothing more… So changing passwords and a temporary new theme to hold me over, till I sort it all out… A dot point email from the ex about Xmas new years arrangements that I am not in the mood to decipher the passive aggressive parts from the tricks, so that can wait…

A visit to op-shops at lunch time… just to kill time… Spent a grand total of $6… you can decide how to split that up between the three items….

an old dress makers ruler… that will probably be embedded into my new double width desk…. might be handy to be able to measure stuff or take photo’s for eBay….

Yet another old suitcase…. My house is starting to look like the baggage claim room at central railway station, circa 1950…. and that is not that bad a thing… maybe on the next train trip to the city I will make the whole family travel with vintage luggage….

A last, but not least… a battery-powered cocktail mixer… just like the one I had when I was 8… No really, I bought one just like this at a church fete, and used it to mix my chocolate milk at my father’s house on weekends… I guess that may have been a clue about what kind of child I was…. and still am…

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4 thoughts on “Stirred not Shaken…

  1. reretro says:

    6 bucks?!! well that puts everything else into perspective. hacking and other trials pale into insignificance…

  2. Now I’m regretting not taking home the cocktail making set from the 60’s that I came across this month at a thrift store. Booo to the hacking!

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