Chasing a Sunbeam, Very Slowly…

Being super slack today… so far I have read a pile of design magazines, consumed 5 cups of coffee, and I still feel completely uninspired to do anything other than emulate the cat… So I am sitting in a sunbeam reading a sewing for dummies book, and wondering why no one has brought me a tin of tuna and a saucer of milk?….

Feeling a bit drained after the meeting with school yesterday… I spent the whole thing feeling like the log lady from Twin Peaks…. Only my log didn’t talk, it just sat there ticking off things the teachers said, to justify its own flawed log-like hypothesis…. Stupid log….

The child they described yesterday was obviously the child I de-program every friday… I find it amusing that the Log faults me for the support I show the child… the same support I gave the log to make it function… irony…

So today we are all saving the world, the kids and I, and scott pilgrim… Side scrolling no thought required fun… There is mood swing inducing red jelly setting in the fridge… and my daughter has decided that all todays tasks will work better, when seated on a vintage camel saddle…

I am in a mind set to redecorate the house, but what I really want to do is paint and hang light fittings…. I blame the camel saddle… it has unsettled the house.. I hear that some people buy a piece of furniture to go in a spot in their house… I have never really mastered that… I tend to buy a piece and rotate the world to make it fit…

The cubby/pigeon hole cabinet has been like a like the spinning reels of a poker machine since it arrived… various combinations of artefacts keep scrolling through while I hope for a visual jackpot…. Maybe it will never hit the right combination and like Sisyphus I will be doomed to constantly move things about in it?

I have three dining chairs to paint (one red and two bright orange), 4 large Moroccan screens to paint and put in the garden, a dual desk to build from a sauna door, and a thousand other creative things on a list… the problem is my “creative” is feeling a little more like lying on the couch with the kids and eating popcorn and playing video games…

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2 thoughts on “Chasing a Sunbeam, Very Slowly…

  1. sounds like opportunity to recharge – enjoy your day and the ‘creative’ will be back full of energy and enthusiasm 🙂

  2. reretro says:

    the secret is to do the creative projects with your kids…give them a paintbrush and 1) teach them the art of creating and 2) exploit their enthusiasm to get it done together, quicker. i have exploited my son all his life – and he is now grown up and creative in his own right.

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