A Camel and Rabbit walk into a Thrift Shop….

or rabbet, or rebate…. whatever it is, it came in cool box… In fact when I was buying it I had no idea what was inside… I pointed and said how much… he said $15… I said $5 he said $10… and I said ok, ten dollars for a nice hardwood dovetailed box seemed like a good deal…

A bit of oil and it would come up a treat… then I opened it to discover it wasnt empty… Better to be lucky than talented 🙂

A complete english made rebate tool with its guide and a full set of cutters… Not a bad deal… The only other op-shop find of the day was a fun one… fun for me because I the person selling it to me, for $20 after a good haggle, described it as a foot stool… I always like it when someone tells me what something is… when I know it isn’t….

I mean you can use it as a foot stool, or just a stool…. but knowing that it actually a camel saddle makes it a much more interesting thing… or at least I think it does…

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6 thoughts on “A Camel and Rabbit walk into a Thrift Shop….

  1. How in the world did you know it was a camel stool??!

    • inkomplete says:

      hehehe…. because while everyone else fills their head with “important” information, like how to do their job, and what celebrity is doing what… I filled my head with completely useless information, like how to know a real first edition novel, ways to recognise un-hallmarked gold… and of course what a camel saddle looks like 😉

  2. A $10 dovetail box? That’s a good score!

  3. Jody Thompson says:

    Great score. Bravo!

  4. Tracy Greene says:

    Wow, I’m impressed by your range of not-so-useless knowledge too, and good scores on both!

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