Yet more Baggage….

Is there an irony to fact that less emotional baggage I am carrying, the more baggage I find? Probably….

This is a big one…. over a meter wide… and should clean up well…. It’s last trip was to the High Commission of Australia in Kuala Lumpur…

Which is kind of cool… So I will probably seal this sticker on…. I also picked up a large bag of vintage fabric for $5 at the same time… I Since all the luggage I still have in the house is filled with vintage fabric already it is lucky I found another case to put the new lot in…

I guess there is about 40meters of fabric… and about 10meters of this one… I am always a sucker for any fabric that they bother to name the designer on…

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One thought on “Yet more Baggage….

  1. Dieu says:

    I love old suitcases! You can imagine all the history they carry, all the stories they could tell if they could talk.

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