Thrift Store Monday….

Seems my holiday has giving the local 2nd hand places a chance to re-stock… an interesting little pile of stuff today…

A few bargains from the 50 cent bin… A pair of vintage egg-cups… a wooden toy car that will get a good hit with the sandpaper and paint… and a vintage leather camera case (no camera)….

Reverse painted on glass… the horseman of the apocalypse… Not a keeper, but I think if I drop it into a heavy gothic frame it would look amazing in a tattoo stop? Maybe….

A sauna door from the refit of a local health club… destined for a coffee table or desk… Thinking maybe it needs big old troll wheels, and a glass frame over the carved at hole with something cool under it…

…and the item that put the biggest dent in my budget for the day…. A vintage x-ray viewer… It also may have resulted in a back strain getting it in and out of the car… It is a dramatic piece… I keep thinking it would make an awesome hall stand… all lit up with old x-rays on it… skull ones would look great… or maybe those ones with the foreign objects imbedded… I am not sure where you get the x-ray of someones hand with a nail in it… but it would be interesting… obviously large old format photo negatives would be cool too….





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One thought on “Thrift Store Monday….

  1. reretro says:

    50 cents…to an x-ray! you can surely pick ’em! totally love all your purchases.

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