The Long Road to Happiness…

I am in a hotel room in Caloundra… A seaside town in Queensland.. It is a place of happy memories for me, and continues to be… I did try to get a room at the Gemini resort, but arrived to late… So I am currently holed up in what shall be known as The Lair of the Rat King… It was literally the only open motel in town and I got the last room, and that means I can’t complain, but I can be a little weirded out by the ancient Chinese man behind the counter that bore more than a passing resemblance to Egg Chen from Big trouble in little china… But as I always travel with a six demon bag, I should be fine…

It has been an amazing trip, and for some reason I am reluctant to talk about why… Maybe a superstitious fear of jinxing things… Or maybe just wanting to keep something for myself… Either way I am smiling… And that feels good…



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