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Happy Halloween….

By the pricking of my thumbs…. Something wicked this way comes….. but luckily, like the Alanis Morissette song, I have a “cross eyed bear” to keep  the trouble at bay…. So in between making lists and mentally  re-arraying furniture I drew a Halloween picture…

By the way mentally rearranging furniture is much less like likely to cause back injuries, however it is not as satisfying as the real thing…. In much the same way as mentally burying someone in the back yard is less satisfying…


The Game is Afoot….

Or yet another case….or five…. and two vintage cartographers portable drafting boards in canvas and leather packs…. and I only went out for milk….

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Almost the Big Score…..

Like any gambler or as I prefer, treasure hunter… I allow myself the indulgence of dreaming of THE BIG SCORE!… The one that settles the debts, and gives you a nice big wedge of cash, to take advantage of the next bargain…. I had that brief heart leap today…. but it was short lived…. I got a call to come have a look at some stuff that might interest me, because it was “weird”… I try to be flattered and not insulted 😉 I arrive to find a large box of leather things (his words not mine)….

This is one of those finds that I should be happy about, but knowing what they are,  makes me sad… These are the packing bits for those old fashioned tripods that surveyors use… The ones that look great as lamp stands…. The ones that cost big $$$ for nice high quality vintage ones… The ones that got stripped for the brass fittings and burned years ago… A moment of silence please….

I know it happens all the time, but the idea that at least 15 of these went to tripod heaven, instead of good homes (with me in the middle, getting myself back in the black) is worth a tear or two…. These were  still a great buy, and I had to have them, even though I had to pay the $20 in small change…

The top protectors could still be used on the ones that are being used as lamps, in-fact they would probably improve them… the base ones will find a use… they are cool little containers and look great just sitting around… Vintage stamped leather always looks cool….

and the harness that would have been used for tramping through the bush with a tripod and map board is kind of cool in a steampunk kind of way….. So I shouldn’t complain…. but……

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Another Day, Another Discworld….

My living within my means announcement, which  I had planned for today, is cancelled… In fact it was, going to be the start of my next 21 Day challenge…. I was going through paying some bills, some in advance even… Getting far enough in front to go on a living on the bare minimum and knitting my own sandals kind of thing… When I got a call from one of my op-friends “Do you still want me to keep an eye out for Terry Pratchett books?” he said…. and yes of course I do, so I said “Yes”… as I have a few already… well a lot (these are two deep)…

That’s the real problem, I have almost the full set in 1st edition hardcover…. and I refuse to buy them from eBay for two reasons… 1. It spoils the thrill of collecting them… 2. The only books I have left to get are very very expensive… So I have people keep an eye out for Hardcover books for me, and because I am not going to make them try to remember which ones I need, I end up taking them all whenever they call… So my budgeting was blown out by paying $30 for books I already have….

It is not really a huge problem, Terry Pratchett novels are not exactly hard to sell, in fact they are very easy to sell… It has just been a while since a book I don’t already have has showed up…. Thats why today I was happy just to get a copy of THUD with a different cover….

I am in danger of collecting variants if this keeps up…. I got momentarily excited by the Rincewind omnibus, but when I checked I already had a copy…. Maybe the next call will be the one….

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Dark Crystal Day….

A quick trip out for some milk…. and a visit to the 2nd hand book shop…. I usually pop in every month or so to check for the 3 remaining Terry Pratchett hardcovers I need to complete my collection, but I also have a quick look in the art and movie sections…. Today I found a book I have been chasing for quite a while, well chasing in the wild since I am unwilling to pay $100+ for it on eBay… and there it was for $5….

The World of The Dark Crystal by Brian Froud….. Large format first edition with so many amazing original Froud designs in it…. I probably would have paid $100+ for it if I had ever seen it in the real world….

Nice big pictures of all the charters and all the celtic style designs that give the film its unique look… The close ups of the various designs is also something that you cant really get just from still from the film….

…and the opaque sheets that contain insignia and layers of designs is a nice touch….

So I am very glad I popped out for milk for my coffee….. I now have a coffee and a book to read… a book I shall add to my shelf of treasured art books….

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