Best Chat Ever and the Money Squid….

Just spent a few hours talking with a good friend about life…. Pointless consumerism…. creative fulfilment and the annoying matter of having to live so close to ex’s…. Not that they are not entitled to be annoying, as with all ex’s it is the continued existence in full view that annoys, not their right too….

Maybe we have been reading to many militant hippy, knit your own sandals books lately, but we both seem to agree that we should just pay close attention to our ex’s and their way of doing things, and how we did things ourselves when we were with them,  and do the opposite… Admittedly she has the rougher end of the stick… two ex’s in close proximity, one stupid and one evil…. If the evil one was stupider, or the stupid one was eviler she would be really screwed… And I just have the one, who luckily is less of one and more of the other so it all balances out…

This summit of hippy dippy ideas and frustration with the hollowness of current situation, that has our lives and decisions influenced by people we don’t particularly respect the life choices or dress sense of, came to the following conclusions…

1 – Control is bad thing, and even a benevolent dictator is still a bad idea… So the removal of the option to be controlled is paramount… As we both are dealing with people who choose to excise a stick and carrot form of control with currency, we will attempt to remove that temptation for them.

2 – A life spent in consumerism and the hamster wheel that runs it is not acceptable..

3 – The bigger the risk the bigger the reward… We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of making changes that were influenced by a desire to hedge bets. We decided if you fail when you play it safe you double your regrets, if you fail by taking the big chance you never have to wonder what if… because you tried…

4 – We don’t want to die with a legacy of paper shuffling and empty hearts…

Like I said it was a long talk and normally would have required beer… The fact that it didn’t take place in pub somehow makes it more legitimate… So apparently if you annoy people enough they just go fuck it… why am I trying to keep the world happy and making myself sad? So there is going to be a fair bit of mutual arse kicking and following of hearts and dreams.. and as for the ex’s thing I think this sums up both the feeling and battle ahead…


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