Cool… Creepy… Criminal….

I took a spin to the mountains today with kids… The main purpose was to deliver some items that sold recently… but of course there was coffee and cakes….

… and the obligatory op-shopping… not the normal commando, man on a mission, take no prisoners kind, I do when alone… but the distracted, bored children variety… even so I did manage to find a fair bit of stuff… but theses are the pick of the pick, for very different reasons…

Cool – A very large Seiko Ultraman Clock… these will run you around $100 plus postage on eBay… or $150 in Chinatown… or $2 in an op-shop… I put batteries in and he works!!! so if I feel like it I can be woken by a loud “I am Ultra man Powered….Get up early!”

Creepy – Vintage Boags Ale tray… This must have been before their advertising got all arty…. It is basically a drinking as rape analogy…. and the snail is a nice touch….

Criminal – Yes its a shirt… a nice shirt in fact.. It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Rodd and Gunn make good quality clothes, and it is Linen… and I have had a secret love affair with linen since I coveted the suits of Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice.. when I was a lad… The criminal aspect of this shirt is the person that bought it… never wore it, and then disposed of it… I paid $6 for this shirt….

… Those are the original tags, still intact from a never used purchase… $179… I do wonder what kind of person spends that on an item of clothing and then decides they don’t really like it… That to me seems a bit of crime….

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2 thoughts on “Cool… Creepy… Criminal….

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    ultrman is kinda cool, but put him in the “for sale” pile with peanut. 😉 cool finds on pinch!

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