Teach your Children well….

I have many skill sets that don’t seem to show up on my children’s school curriculum… and I love holidays because they seem to be more receptive to learning the things I can teach them, when their little brains are not dulled by rote learning and pointless busy work… Todays bit of spontaneous and natural learning came about as I was sorting some junk jewellery. My six year old daughter, with a little girls natural love of shiny things was fascinated…

It seems hall-marks and gold stamps are more interesting than video games, for my daughter at least…. 375 and 9ct are the same thing? 975 is on the silver ones and not the gold ones… this one has a stone in it that looks like a real thing and not this plastic one… all very joyful things for me to here… I even had to go looking for more items for her… Is it wrong that I like the idea that i can now let her rummage in the jewellery piles at garage sales, to look for the good bits?

I would like to think I can pass on some useful skills to my children that their mother can’t… she can help them with homework, and playing an instrument… and I can teach them how to be interesting and self reliant… and cool, of course thats my responsibility…


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