It is hard to be Lost for too Long…

The kids have started holidays… Feet are well and truly up and hair is down… the 1st day of holidays has been spent in the traditional uniform, pyjamas… So other than pottering around the house feeding children and try to keep the children’s toy fallout within an acceptable blast radius, there is not much going on…

An analogue check in,  posted on face book was pretty much the peak of creativity today…

I should be more relaxed than I am, but exactly one week from… now … I will do the kiddy handover and start packing my car for a road trip… 20 hours seems like a nice drive… In truth it is less of a pain than getting to the nearest capital city airport, waiting around, checking/losing luggage and all that supposed time saving stuff… 20 Hours wont even scratch the unplayed songs in my iPhone… a big thermos of coffee and a camera is more my idea of a holiday, than trying to be in the right place at the right time anyway…. The whole thing will be a bit like this…

Thats meant to be a someone jumping….. not blindly jumping, just jumping…..

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