It’s just a Spring clean for the May Queen…..

The weather is taunting me again with warmth today… So I have been out on the back deck, which had spent the winter with quite a few bustles in it’s hedgerow… I didn’t bother with before pictures… as it was just a mess… and if you don’t have your own mess to look at, I am certainly not showing you mine…

Seating is going to be a big part of the back deck… every corner needs a chair… and I might even find a plank for the top of the crate… A chair is no use without somewhere to put a book and a coffee cup….

Making my own high-back garden chairs…. well not really, I have some louvre doors hanging around, they make good wall fillers for now….

Seating of the less than secular kind…. the church of christ epping in this case… the perfect seating for your militant atheist guest? It also sits opposite the vaguely cruciform looking vintage first aid box…

…. So 5 steps from my kitchen I now have my own cafe…. where coffee doesn’t cost $5 a cup and screaming children are kept quite with video games at the other end of the house….

Stage One of the back deck haven is complete… more seats, hammocks and relaxation inducing items to come… but for now, a chair, a coffee and a magazine are calling my name…

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3 thoughts on “It’s just a Spring clean for the May Queen…..

  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    “taunting with warmth” is an ironic statement for my 104 F weather today!

    the space looks great, perfect for coffee-ing!

  2. Do you own a coffee machine to go with it??? I think that’s where I’m going wrong in my creative endeavours. I need more coffee in my life.

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